Enhancer 15.6

Enhances the images by refining the fine details in the images
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Corrects the images and tweaks the fine details using three modes: improves details, prepress, and tone correction. Works best with images that have a lot of sharpness.

AKVIS Enhancer is a tool to enhance your images from AKVIS Software Inc. The main aim of this image enhancement tool is to improve or enhance your dull looking images. It is especially very effective on dark images which are taken in the dark room or in the evening time or you forget to adjust your camera setting before taking snap n due to its auto focus setting you got a dull image. But don’t worries AKVIS Enhancer can expose the detail of any image of any type of dull image. It can automatically detect the errors in the exposure of image whether it is underexposed, overexposed or uneven exposed. AKVIS Enhancer have three types of modes, one of them is Enhancer mode another one is Focus and last one is HDRI mode. With all modes you can improve your images but HDRI mode gives you crispier result. But you will also require a series of shots in HDRI mode as compared to single shot in Enhancer and Focus mode. In AKVIS Enhancer you can control the various parameters like shadows, highlights, Level of Detail, Lightness, brightness, contrast, Gamma, Saturation, Colors, RGB, Luminosity, manual focusing, sensitivity, intensify, darken, lighten, lowlight and highlight of the image to enhance your images for best results.

Manoj Goel
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  • Provide three modes Enhancer, Focus and HDRI
  • Provide lots of control to enhance the image
  • Facility to save the settings to use with other images


  • Not a freeware
  • Require at least two shots of image in HDRI mode
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